Hét bedrijf op cleanroomgebied. Er is geen bedrijf met een cleanroom in de Benelux die geen klant is. STAXS is marktleider op dit gebied. Geeft trainingen, volledig productgamma, eigen cleanroomwasserij, etc.
ROMEX B.V. has more than 30 years expertise in the production, assembly and repair of electronic products. As a supplier of materials, machinery and tools for PCB production and processing, we have established a leading market position under the name of Romex.
For 21 years we have been designing and manufacturing seating for electronics environments and have always had an absolute commitment to the quality of our seating and to static control in respect to ESD and cleanroom chairs.
X&Y was founded in 1996, is a global leading solution provider in ultra-clean and anti-static industry.